duː juː nəʊ wɒt aɪ miːn?

Do you know what I mean mailer fanned

Mailer & App
Design Museum London

Mailer and mobile app created for a hypothetical exhibition on miscommunication at the Design museum titled “Do You Know What I Mean?”


Hand-bound book made up of 24 leaves printed onto heavy, coloured stock and glossy paper. Wrapped in tissue, screen-printed in a 3 colour fluorescent split fountain and enclosed in a protective grey-board sleeve for distribution.

Phonetic glyphs are combined with standard Latin characters throughout to convey the idea of over-communication and the resulting complications. It becomes harder to understand as the reader progresses, with words obscured and cropped off the page and heavier use of phonetics. The mailer provokes curiosity and exploration in keeping with the exhibition theme, whilst clearly providing all necessary information.

do-you-know-what-i-mean-spine do-you-know-what-i-mean-tickets

The app also explores ideas of filtering messages through sound and phonetics. Designed as a companion to the exhibition, the user can interact with pieces through augmented reality, view relevant information, and leave audio comments online. These sounds are converted to phonetic characters, and played back to other users through text-to-speech software. An exploration of language and technology, this idea becomes really interesting when considering how different accents and dialects could be processed and conveyed by a machine, and what would remain understandable to humans.


This serves as a way to connect people at (or after) the exhibition who may not have communicated otherwise, or a place to store memories and notes about pieces which can be transferred outside of the app for later.