Back to the 90s: Low Poly Construction

Bits & Pieces

I’m a weird one with Halloween, I do the costumes but only tend to focus on the head (see last year’s sugar skull make-up for proof). This year, I found out about Steve Wintercroft’s ridiculously cool low-poly animal masks, and instantly fell in love. For me, visual impact is key (I can be pretty shallow), so I settled on the stag.

It was really satisfying to be constructing something physical after having focused on digital work for a while, it reminds me how a well built object usually far outshines an attempt at digital recreation.

mask-template mask-nose mask-head

I sprayed the whole thing gold because shiny things.

And so, the results of a misty night in Battersea Park confusing strangers and looking fly. I’ve decided to leave the majority of the photos completely unedited as the original haze and colours appeal to me. I’d like to start some sort of illustration or animation project around these images, perhaps time to re-arm with a proper camera and a collaborator…

mask-far mask-lean mask-light mask-moon mask-move mask-sleeve mask-top mask-tree