One World


Survival kit campaign
WWF with D&AD

Making people aware of the problems our planet is facing, and our personal effect on it through distribution of an accurate survival kit and environmental warning materials.



The latest living planet report shows alarming rates of animal extinction and natural destruction. Very few people truly care (myself included, before working on this), so this survival kit includes items we would need in the future if we continue our current lifestyle. This evokes an emotional, personal reaction, and prompts people to visit the One World website and social media channels to find out how to change their lifestyle and help restore our planet’s health.

A gritty, post-apocalyptic aesthetic paired with urgent authoritarian language demands attention, and draws emotional responses. A new rebellious “One World” pseudo brand is created, with a versatile mark which anyone can draw. This encourages people to use it to alter the world around them and spread awareness and even anger about our current situation.