Graphic Design Degree Show Catalogue
Coventry University

Catalogue containing work by every student exhibiting at Coventry University’s 2013 Graphic Design Degree show “XYZ”


I led the content, design and production of a run of 500 of these publications. Each spread is designed around the work, so the layout compliments the content. Small elements such as the name/page number ribbon and type styles remain consistent. Instead of having typical write-ups about the students, each person was asked quick-fire questions for genuinely interesting insights into the designer.

The cover showcases a gold foil and heavy tinted stock, which was designed in collaboration with Prince Arora. The XYZ theme symbolises the end of our three years on the course, and continued throughout the show.

Limited editions include screen printed infographic posters (designed and produced by myself), metal type postcards, laser cut bands, custom sticker seals and a hand numbered stamp.